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Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between hunters and non-hunters in order to come together with a common goal of conservation of our public lands, natural resources and environment.

As people who enjoy outdoor recreational activities, we have more commonalities than we have differences. Let's celebrate the commonalities!  We all source the same type of gear. We all are concerned with the environment, wildlife conservation, public lands preservation. We all want clean waterways, lands, and air.  I pose these questions: 

Do you agree with everything that your friends do?

If you don't agree with everything that they do, then are those one or two things enough to be so mad at each other that you are willing to stop your friendship?

The truth is that we can accomplish more when we band together for the common goal of conservation.


Through our writing, seminars, social media, videos, and podcasts our vision is to educate non-hunters or new hunters about the true meaning of wildlife and natural resource conservation, coupled with public lands preservation in order to change the national perception about hunting.

Read our blogs, come to our seminars, follow our social media, watch our videos, and listen to our podcasts! We convey as many aspects of recreation in the outdoors and a simpler life.  You do not have to always spend your days in the outdoors, though we wish we could.  But, we do talk about several ways to connect with nature, and live a healthier and more fit life.

Our Values

To be open minded and patient enough to listen and understand those who may not agree with us so that we can find a common base for conversation.

In many cases, people tend to only hear the issues that they do not agree with first.  We believe that in order to have good, meaningful conversation, we have to be open minded and patient enough to their opinion. Like Stephen Covey says, "Seek first to understand, and then to be understood."

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