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All of our Game Bags are made from Grey Light Weight 1.35oz Hexagon ripstop. The Hexagon pattern reduces stress points as the hexagon shaped intertwine with another. These bags are highly breathable, reusable, and washable. Draw string channel has a double rolled hem, with multiple rows of stitching for added strength to support the weight of the load while being hung. The interior vertical seams have been serged for added durability and strength! Name tags have also been added for fast identification. They come with a neon and/or reflective 550 paracord draw and cord lock. If you are in a bind, you’ll have an extra 550 cord!


Alces– 1lb 10oz, Purely Moose quarters. These things are large!
SAVE 20% by purchasing a set vs individually!


Each set includes:

4) 28×60
1) 26×45
1) 16×33
1) Medium 1.9oz G3

Alice Game Bags

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